An open letter to Sen. Warner, Sen. Kaine.
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An Open Letter

To: Sen. Warner, Sen. Kaine

From: A verified voter in Midlothian, VA

May 10

I recently read the open letter to Senator Kaine from the brave VCU students who have risked their personal safety to protest the genocide being perpetrated against Palestinians by Israel and with full material support of the US. I also read the response from the senator and I was so disappointed. What does Israel (or Joe Biden) have over you and other democrats that you’re so willing to be complicit and purposefully obtuse when confronted with reality? Where has your humanity gone? How can you ignore the tens of thousands of CHILDREN suffering and dying in Gaza? How can you ignore the brutality inflicted on college students and faculty (your own constituents!!) by a police force that looks more like a military? History will remember this. Your grandchildren will remember this. And voters will certainly remember this. I encourage you to rediscover your humanity and encourage the Democratic Party as a whole to rediscover some self-preservation as it throws this upcoming election due to prioritizing Israel over our own interests.

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