An open letter to Rep. Lee.
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An Open Letter

To: Rep. Lee

From: A verified voter in Albany, CA

April 24

I understand that the Supreme Court will be hearing arguments tomorrow about the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act, and that there is a real possibility that they will rule that pregnant women aren’t entitled to emergency care that may involve an abortion unless they’re at death’s door. We have already seen that even with EMTALA in place emergency rooms in abortion ban states are turning pregnant women away with alarming frequency, and with catastrophic results. This is utterly sickening, and if SCOTUS rules for the state of Idaho it’ll get much worse. The House needs to pass HR 12 the Women’s health Protection Act now. This is a top issue for me — I am desperately concerned about the rollback of Women’s rights we’re seeing. Please raise your voice loudly in the house to help pass this legislation.

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