An open letter to Sen. Sinema, Rep. Ciscomani, Sen. Kelly.
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An Open Letter

To: Sen. Sinema, Rep. Ciscomani, Sen. Kelly

From: A verified voter in Cochise, AZ

April 25

President Biden's foreign policy is out of step with reality. Israel is overreacting and committing numerous humanitarian crimes. Israel is committing war crimes. Everybody can see it. Yet Biden and the United States state department deny the existence of evidence. They close their eyes. They shut their mouths. They close their ears. The world knows that the United States is assisting Israel in genocide. No matter how many lawyers or judges Israel buys or intimidates into silence, the evidence cannot be hidden. The evidence cannot be denied. The United States made a similar mistake in vietnam. It was the day after day reporting of bloodshed that turned Americans against that war. You the political class learned to hide crimes from us. But you can't do that anymore. Social media can get around your embargo on news reporting. You may not remember Vietnam but I remember what happened. I remember the politicians that fell to those crimes. You will join their ranks unless you learn from their mistakes. History will judge The United States. Our country will be forever a blackened entry in history books. You have the power to demand Biden put an end to this. You have the power to tell Israel that you aren't going to take their money anymore! American voters have the power to vote you out of office for accepting Israel's money as bribery to accept a human tragedy.

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