An open letter to Rep. Ciscomani.
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An Open Letter

To: Rep. Ciscomani

From: A verified voter in Cochise, AZ

April 28

You must resign immediately. Everybody in Congress as well as the president must resign for supporting Israel without question. You pretend to represent Americans but you ignore us. You ignore the condemnation of the world. You think you're too important to care . You claim that you're against abortion but then you kill babies that have already seen light and breathed air! You refuse to stop the bombing of Gaza .You refuse to stop the assassinations. You refuse to stop the starvation. You are just as guilty as Israel of Mass slaughter. Of depravity. Of torture. Your everyday movement, your every thought is failure to uphold the moral values that you pretend to represent. All your pretty words, your pretenses, your assumption of authority can't hide your conspiracy to hide Israel's crimes. You continue to live with the knowledge that women and children are dying every minute of every day. Israel is committing genocide. That word doesn't mean anything anymore because nothing is depraved enough to describe Israel's behavior. The number of dead in Gaza is frozen at 30,000 because Israel will not allow outsiders to count the Dead. They will not acknowledge the number of people they have killed. You know many more have died. You know that many are dead under the rubble or in Mass Graves. You are just as depraved as Israel. If you actually had any honor you would step down and call for elections to replace you with somebody that actually has human values.

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