Increase  ferry funding but ensure wahkiakum county is not forgotten
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Increase ferry funding but ensure wahkiakum county is not forgotten

To: Rep. Walsh, Gov. Inslee, Sen. Wilson, Rep. McEntire

From: A constituent in Longview, WA

June 5

Subject: Request for Allocation of Ferry Funds to Wahkiakum County Dear lawmakers, I am writing to bring attention to the pressing need for investment in transportation infrastructure in Wahkiakum County. As you may be aware, our county relies heavily on ferry services for transportation, connecting us to vital economic centers and services. With the recent unveiling of the new ferry design and discussions surrounding ferry funding, I urge you to consider allocating a portion of these funds to Wahkiakum County. Wahkiakum County faces unique challenges in terms of transportation due to its geographical location and reliance on ferry services. However, inadequate funding has resulted in aging infrastructure and limited service options, negatively impacting our community's access to essential resources and opportunities. By investing in Wahkiakum County's ferry system, you would not only enhance transportation options for residents but also stimulate economic growth by improving access to tourism and commerce. Additionally, it would contribute to the overall resilience and sustainability of our region's transportation network. I understand that allocating funds requires careful consideration and balancing competing priorities. However, I believe that investing in Wahkiakum County's ferry system is a worthwhile endeavor that will yield significant benefits for our community and the state as a whole. Thank you for your attention to this matter. I am hopeful that you will consider my request and advocate for the allocation of ferry funds to Wahkiakum County. Sincerely Garrett Beauregard

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