Sound and fury
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Sound and fury

To: Sen. Scott, Rep. Timmons, Sen. Graham

From: A constituent in Travelers Rest, SC

April 25

Watching Kerry lake flop like a fish is like an analogy of the party atm. The Moscow Marjorie traitor greens and comers add clown to the circus by tearin g apart thier own base & spreading known Russian propaganda in process. The grifter who took your party by consent has become an inevitable nail in the coffin to the right. adical faux dictator who now funnels your funds directly into his own pockets via the RNC. We were willing to ride the centrist lines when sanders was ousted by his own corrupt party. You should have done the same instead of clinging to this r You've caught the car with roe. No one stands for LESS freedom sirs. This is why even those on the right are protest voting for Niki Hailey in PA. You'll never understand it. But it's simple. The people want what's there's. Healthcare, freedom to choose, whether it's cannabis or abortion.. live yo ur own life & stop trying to dictate the morals of others. Let alone with a phony evangelical stance with ppl like Trump as your face. Mitt was right.. you are all a lot of sound and fury signifying NOTHING.

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