An open letter to Sen. Van Hollen, Rep. Raskin, Sen. Cardin.
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An Open Letter

To: Sen. Van Hollen, Rep. Raskin, Sen. Cardin

From: A constituent in Chevy Chase, MD

June 30

I am writing to implore you to have the courage to openly call for President Biden to discontinue his campaign. There is too much at stake to continue pretending and hoping that the President will not get any older over the next four years. But we all know aging is a dynamic, acclerating process, and nothing speeds it up like having the so-called "toughest job in the world." The debate must not be framed around what the President is capable of today, but on an honest expectation of further decline in his abilities during the coming term. To defeat Trump, we need to stir excitement in the electorate. We must stop being in denial about the dismay so many Democrat-leaning voters express about voting for President Biden. The people have been telling us this in poll after poll! Hope and excitement are essential for mobilizing voters, especially on the margins, and the margins could decide our nation's future. Call out to the President and his campaign to demonstrate that they are listening to the voice of the voters. Thank the President for his long service and important achievements, and strongly urge him to serve the country one last time by stepping aside.

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