Inhumane agricultural practices
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Inhumane agricultural practices

To: Rep. Biggs, Sen. Kelly, Sen. Sinema

From: A constituent in Gilbert, AZ

April 26

I am writing to you as a concerned constituent, deeply horrified by recent reports highlighting inhumane culling practices employed in poultry farms across the United States to combat the spread of bird flu. Particularly alarming is the use of "ventilation shutdown plus" (VSD+), a method that involves sealing off airflow in barns and inducing heatstroke in birds. This method has been described as causing significant suffering to millions of birds and is a cruel practice that should not represent our nation's approach to animal welfare and agricultural management. The article I refer to was published by VOX. It details these practices and their widespread use despite available less cruel alternatives. It highlights how these extreme measures are not only inhumane but also supported by federal funding, raising serious ethical and fiscal concerns about the stewardship of taxpayer dollars. Given the gravity of this issue and its moral implications, I urge you to take immediate action. Please consider advocating for legislative review and the enforcement of more humane culling practices in our agricultural sectors. It is crucial that the United States seeks alternatives that do not compromise our ethical standards. Our policies should reflect our values, including compassion and innovation in managing animal welfare. I trust that you will consider this matter with the seriousness it deserves and look forward to seeing leadership from you on this pressing issue. Thank you for your attention to this urgent concern.

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