Corrupt Thomas MUST resign NOW
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Corrupt Thomas MUST resign NOW

To: Sen. Tillis, Sen. Budd

From: A constituent in Durham, NC

June 11

As a constituent of North Carolina and a citizen of these United States, I am appalled at Clarence Thomas's refusal to recuse himself on any matters pertaining to the events of January 6 because his wife Ginny was one of the architects of the plan. Additionally, I am outraged that Justice Thomas has been allowed to stay on the bench even though he has received over $4 million from Harlan Crow and his ilk - for which he has ruled in favor of the people who have given him gifts. This is unconscionable, and as my representative in government, I urge you to do something. How can you let blatant corruption stand? If Justice Kagan or Justice Jackson had similar disclosures, how would you be reacting? Grab your spine and serve the public not the billionaires!!

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