Please say no to the latest KOSA iteration
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Please say no to the latest KOSA iteration

To: Rep. Hoyle

From: A constituent in Eugene, OR

May 7

The Kids Online Safety Act (KOSA) poses significant risks to online speech and privacy. While well-intentioned, the bill's overbroad and vague provisions could force internet platforms to censor legal content and implement invasive age verification measures. This would limit access to vital information for young people on topics like mental health, sexuality, and social issues. It also threatens the privacy and anonymity of all users. Rather than government-mandated censorship, we need balanced solutions that empower users, respect free expression, and protect privacy. A comprehensive federal data privacy law would better safeguard young people online without infringing on constitutional rights. I urge you to oppose KOSA and explore alternative approaches that enhance digital safety and freedom. Protecting an open internet is crucial for fostering democratic discourse, access to knowledge, and human rights.

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