American rights are in peril - we won’t stand idle
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American rights are in peril - we won’t stand idle

To: Sen. Hansen, Rep. Epps, Gov. Polis

From: A constituent in Denver, CO

May 23

The GOP’s continual attack on trans’ rights: is a shameless, baseless, and cruel tactic to distance themselves from the election interference, Russian bribery, and Christo-fascist state that they so eagerly and flagrantly condone. Should the GOP replace the word trans, with “black”, “Jewish”, or any other minority group: then their wickedness would be clearly displayed. Instead, they’re coddled and given a platform to claim that trans people are a danger, and a threat to the world; while they perform and operate behind the scenes to condone evil and immoral behavior. I’m trans: I’m not a “fetish”, I’m not a threat, I’m not anti-American— unlike those MAGA and GOP cretins who allegedly rape, bribe, slander, and hate anyone who doesn’t look exactly like them. Not only are these GOP wrong, and wicked, but so are those who stand by, and do nothing/say while minorities are oppressed. Where has your statement been on queer and trans’ rights? Where is your backbone, to protect your constituents against sensationalist cruelty? We will not stand by, and be removed or criminalized. I will not be victimized by the devils in our government who wish for nothing but to stand against the love and peace of the God that they claim to serve; with nothing but their self-evident hate and true worship of money. If our government won’t protect us: we will protect ourselves. Make a statement for those caught underfoot; don’t be a coward, don’t be a fool.

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