Ensuring Veteran Connectivity: The Urgent Need to Pass the ACP Extension Act
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Ensuring Veteran Connectivity: The Urgent Need to Pass the ACP Extension Act

To: Sen. Warner, Sen. Kaine, Rep. McClellan

From: A verified voter in Petersburg, VA

April 25

As a decorated and disabled U.S. Army combat veteran and a staunch advocate for veterans' rights, I have witnessed firsthand the transformative impact that the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) has had on my fellow veterans' lives. Since its inception, the ACP has been more than just a benefit—it has been a lifeline for over 960,000 veterans and survivors, providing subsidized broadband that supports telehealth services, job training, and essential VA benefits. Today, this program stands at a crossroads. As we approach the potential end of funding for the ACP, it's imperative that we recognize the looming risk to more than one million veterans who depend on these services. The cessation of the ACP could sever their connection to critical telemedicine services and modern healthcare—a setback we cannot afford. The process to safeguard this program requires urgent legislative action. The Affordable Connectivity Program Extension Act of 2024 is currently before Congress, encapsulated in H.R.6929 in the House and S.3565 in the Senate. The passage of these bills is not merely a bureaucratic necessity but a moral imperative to support those who have served our nation with honor. The legislative pathway is clear. Both the House and the Senate must approve their respective bills by a simple majority. This is a feasible target and a call to action for all members of Congress, irrespective of party. It is a test of our commitment to supporting our veterans in more than just words but in meaningful action. Should any differences arise between the two versions of the bill, a conference committee will be essential in reconciling discrepancies to forge a unified document that stands to benefit countless veteran lives. Once harmonized, the bill's final hurdle will be the presidential signature, to reinstate and secure funding for the ACP. The stakes are incredibly high. The end of the ACP would disproportionately impact low-income veterans, jeopardizing their access to necessary online resources and healthcare services. It is crucial to understand that for veterans, especially those who are disabled, connectivity is not a luxury but a necessity that facilitates their integration into a society they fought to protect. I urge all members of Congress to vote in favor of the Affordable Connectivity Program Extension Act of 2024. Let us honor our veterans with actions that uphold our promises. It is our duty to ensure that those who served our country do not find themselves disconnected from the very services that sustain their health, dignity, and well-being. I challenge you to let this moment in our legislative process reflect our nation's unwavering commitment to its veterans. We have the opportunity to affirm that our gratitude to our veterans is deeply ingrained in our actions. Let us not fail them. Pass the Affordable Connectivity Program Extension Act now.

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