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Ceasefire Now

To: Gov. Youngkin, Del. McClure, Sen. Ebbin

From: A constituent in Arlington, VA

June 1

May 20th, the ICC announced it’s seeking an arrest warrant for Benjamin Netanyahu over his actions in Gaza. The warrant names him, and additional Israeli government officials, and accuses them of war crimes. Your constituents have been saying the same thing for months. Israel is guilty of crimes against humanity, and America is aiding it. I will not sit by as America becomes an accomplice to needless death. As a taxpayer, I demand immediate divestment from Israel. There’s a hundred deserving causes stateside. Spending millions to support a genocide spits in the face of every malnourished child in our cities, every American in crippling medical debt, every adult drowning in student loans. These weapons are used inhumanely, and America is complicit in every act. President Biden has called the ICC’s decision into question -- a critique he has no authority to make. Anytime one is arguing against a body devoted to ceasing war crimes, one must reconsider their postion. Some members of Congress are attempting to sanction the ICC over their decision. You cannot, and should not, support this measure. A fair and independent ICC is vital to maintaining the Law of War, and the United States has to right to sway that. Biden called an invasion of Rafah a “red line,” yet released an aid package worth over a billion. Our consciousness is covered in blood. We’re enabling an atrocity. For redemption, Congress must pass humanitarian aid of equal value and lift the ban on UNRWA. Defunding it was a devastating blow, based solely on unverified Israeli claims. Hamas isn’t the one who hurt over this—it’s the civilians. Second, call on Congress to revoke H.Res.894. This resolution redefines anti-semitism to include anti-zionism; a massive overstep by Congress. Resolutions may only be symbolic, but this sentiment is dangerous. Anti-semitism is hatred of the Jewish religion or race. It's abhorrent, and has no place in society. Anti-zionism is a critique of the Israeli state, and critique of a government cannot be conflated with racism—even in states where religion and government overlap. October 2018, the Saudi government assassinated journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Global outrage ensued and even though Saudi Arabia’s an Islamic theocracy, Congress didn’t declare the anger Islamophobic. This shows that Congress understands the difference and passed H.Res 894 in bad faith. Instead, pass resolutions reaffirming 1st amendment rights—to include the rights of protesters. You’re a spokesman for Virginia. Defend your constituents as hard as you defend foreign nations. Additionally, pass other resolutions to support Palestine. Recognize the humanitarian crisis, or support a Palestinian state and back its admittance into the UN. Condone Israel’s actions, and call for an immediate ceasefire. The ICC has validated what we said all along. America must stop its blind support of Israel. Liberty and justice for all must include all; that means the people of Palestine too.

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