Review of poultry culling practices in AZ
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Review of poultry culling practices in AZ

To: Rep. Grantham, Sen. Petersen, Gov. Hobbs, Rep. Hendrix

From: A constituent in Gilbert, AZ

April 26

I am a resident of Gilbert, Arizona, and I am writing to express my deep concern about the ethical implications of current poultry culling practices, especially the use of ventilation shutdown plus (VSD+). This method involves sealing off ventilation and significantly raising temperatures within barns, causing heatstroke in poultry, and is inhumane, causing a lot of moral outrage across the country. Recent reports have highlighted that this method causes extreme suffering and prolonged death for millions of birds during disease outbreak control efforts. Therefore, I urge you to take a stand against these cruel practices and to advocate for the implementation of more humane alternatives in our state. Arizona has always been a leader in promoting ethical standards in various sectors, and this is an opportunity for us to lead by example in the agricultural sector as well. Therefore, I request you to consider the following: 1. Review the current practices and policies regarding animal welfare in poultry farming in Arizona. 2. Propose legislation that seeks to ban the use of ventilation shutdown plus and similar inhumane methods. 3. Support funding and research into alternative methods that prioritize the welfare of animals while effectively managing disease. Our community values ethical practices that reflect respect and compassion towards all forms of life, including those in our agricultural sectors. I trust that you will consider this issue with the urgency and seriousness it deserves and will act swiftly to address these inhumane practices. Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to your response and to seeing your leadership in making meaningful changes in our state's agricultural practices.

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