Save the people of Rafah
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Save the people of Rafah

To: Sen. Graham, Rep. Fry, Sen. Scott

From: A constituent in Chesterfield, SC

May 6

This is such a terrible day for Gaza and for the United States and for all people. Rafah is being bombed. The only gate for humanitarian aid to enter Rafah is now closed. 200,000 people were given four hours to evacuate to Khan Yunis, an area in Gaza that is completely destroyed with no water, no food, no medical care, unsafe mountains of rubble, and not even a safe place to pitch a tent. The genocidal intent of Israel could not be clearer. Anyone who is still calling this “self defense” or a “conflict” or who claims that criticism of Israel is “anti-semitic,” is not an honest, respect-worthy, or sane human being. Every human person in Congress should be standing up to demand the immediate cessation of funding to Israel. This is outrage upon outrage. It’s illegal, immoral, and beyond terrifying. The sadness and anger we people, your constituents, feel cannot be overstated. If the United States does not immediately announce the cessation of aid to Israel, the job of unmasking the ignorance, lies, cruelty, greed, illegality, and murderousness of this administration and its allies will be complete. Israel must be stopped for the sake of Palestine, for the sake of the United States, for the sake of humanity.

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