Save our Public Schools - Vote NO on Universal School Vouchers/Choice
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Save our Public Schools - Vote NO on Universal School Vouchers/Choice

To: Assembly Member Karabinchak, Assembly Member Stanley, Gov. Murphy, Sen. Diegnan

From: A constituent in South Plainfield, NJ

December 11, 2023

I am writing today in strong opposition to Universal School Vouchers (also known as Universal School Choice.) This legislation would result in a massive transfer of taxpayer funds from our Public Schools to unaccountable for-profit private schools. Why should schools that have no accountability with regard to what they teach, how they measure student achievement, or how they manage their finances receive my tax dollars? Other states that have implemented similar programs have seen nothing but financial doom for already underfunded schools. For example in Arizona, in its first year, it drained more than $350 million from public schools, and over 75% of those who took advantage of the voucher program weren’t even in the public school system, to begin with. Even with the universal vouchers 92% of families still chose to use the public schools despite those schools having to do more with less. Because these private schools have no limits on how much they can charge for tuition, only those who can afford them will even be able to attend thus leaving out poor and working-class families and subsidizing wealthy families who already don’t attend public schools. Our public schools need more funding not less! I want every student to have every chance to succeed so I’m asking you to VOTE NO on Universal School Vouchers!

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