Fix issues with DCYF Juvenile detention
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Fix issues with DCYF Juvenile detention

To: Sen. Wilson, Rep. McEntire, Gov. Inslee, Rep. Walsh

From: A constituent in Longview, WA

July 8

Dear Washington State Lawmakers, I am writing to express my concern regarding the current policy on the detention of individuals aged 21 to 25 in juvenile detention centers in Washington State. As of now, Washington State suspends taking in sentenced youth at two detention centers once they reach this age range. This policy raises important questions about the treatment of young adults within our criminal justice system. In many states across the country, individuals are considered legal adults at the age of 18, which also corresponds with their placement within the state Department of Corrections rather than juvenile detention facilities. This distinction is based on the recognition of adulthood and the corresponding responsibilities that come with it. While the intention behind the current policy in Washington State may be rooted in considerations for rehabilitation and the specific needs of young adults, it is essential to reassess whether it aligns with the principles of justice and effective rehabilitation. Placing young adults in juvenile detention centers after they have reached legal adulthood can raise concerns about equity, appropriate rehabilitation services, and the long-term outcomes for these individuals. Therefore, I urge you to consider reviewing the current policy and exploring options that would ensure a fair and effective system for young adults who have been sentenced. This may include aligning the age criteria with the legal definition of adulthood at 18 years old, thereby placing all adults within the appropriate corrections framework rather than juvenile facilities. Thank you for your attention to this important matter. I look forward to hearing about any steps you plan to take in addressing this issue and ensuring that our criminal justice system continues to prioritize fairness and rehabilitation for all individuals. Sincerely, Garrett Beauregard

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