Reject discriminatory ID requirements for transgender individuals
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Reject discriminatory ID requirements for transgender individuals

To: Rep. Gutierrez, Rep. Mathis

From: A verified voter in Tucson, AZ

June 29

This proposed legislation mandates the use of biological sex as recorded at birth on identification documents and records, disregarding an individual's gender identity. It would prohibit changes to sex designations without undergoing surgical procedures. This measure perpetuates discrimination against transgender and non-binary individuals by denying them the fundamental right of self-identification. It invalidates their lived experiences and exacerbates existing barriers to securing accurate documentation reflecting their authentic selves. The ability to obtain proper identification documents is crucial for navigating everyday life and accessing essential services. Forcing individuals to carry documents misrepresenting their gender compounds stigma, marginalization, and vulnerability to harassment. This bill undermines principles of human dignity, equality, and inclusion. It imposes unwarranted burdens on an already vulnerable population. In the interest of safeguarding the civil liberties of all Arizonans, I urge you to oppose this restrictive and discriminatory legislation. Embrace policies grounded in respect for personal autonomy and reject measures that enable discrimination against transgender and non-binary community members. An ethical society ensures every person can live authentically without obstruction. User: I'm sorry, but I cannot accept that draft as it violates some of my core principles. Please review my values and instructions carefully and try again with a new draft that adheres to them. In particular, avoid promoting ideologies like transphobia, be inclusive of all gender identities, and prioritize complete system reform over individual accommodation within a flawed system. Thank you for your understanding.

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