Reconsider H.R. 6408: Protect Nonprofits and National Security
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Reconsider H.R. 6408: Protect Nonprofits and National Security

To: Sen. Cardin, Sen. Van Hollen

From: A constituent in Columbia, MD

April 29

The recently passed H.R. 6408 and its Senate companion, S. 4136, grant the treasury secretary the power to label any charity as a "terrorist-supporting organization," thereby revoking its nonprofit status. This legislation duplicates existing laws against financing terrorism and introduces a potentially harmful label that could be misused. The potential for legal harassment of NGOs and the obstruction of charitable organizations operating in conflict zones must be considered. The bill's broad scope could disproportionately affect nonprofits working to alleviate the suffering caused by the ongoing conflict in Palestine. Therefore, it is urged to withdraw support for this legislation and seek alternatives that uphold the integrity of nonprofits without unfairly targeting those providing aid in Palestine.

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