Men must be held responsible for unwanted pregnancies!
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Men must be held responsible for unwanted pregnancies!

To: Gov. Desantis

From: A verified voter in Tampa, FL

May 23

A national DNA registry for all sperm-producing individuals is imperative to ensure men are held financially and legally accountable for unwanted pregnancies. If we are to enforce draconian restrictions on reproductive rights, it is only fair that men face equal invasions of privacy and bodily autonomy. Their wages could be garnished to support any children born from their genetic material, unless those children are placed for adoption. This burden on men's sexual freedom may inspire empathy for the constraints imposed on pregnant people. Alternatively, new laws affecting men's lives so intimately could spark an uprising against such government overreach into private matters. Either outcome underscores the injustice of abortion bans that disproportionately impact women, transgender and non-binary individuals. True equality necessitates respecting the full bodily autonomy of all people.

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