An open letter to Rep. Crane, Sen. Sinema, Sen. Kelly.
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An Open Letter

To: Rep. Crane, Sen. Sinema, Sen. Kelly

From: A constituent in Prescott, AZ

July 3

Hello, my name is Daniel Journell I was born and raised in Arizona. I am a TSgt in the Air Force. I am disgusted by the most recent Supreme Court rulings. The granting of immunity to a president from prosecution of any acts that are official duties. And the chevron deference overturning. I urge you to take action to protect America. To expand the court. To pass laws that enshrine the chevron deference into law. And pass a law making no person above the law regardless of whether it’s done during official duty or not. America stands on the precipice only action can save our democratic experiment. Inaction dooms us. Please take action.

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