Call for a Ceasefire Now
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Call for a Ceasefire Now

To: Sen. Cassidy, Rep. Higgins, Sen. Kennedy

From: A constituent in Lafayette, LA

February 23

I am writing to you today to declare that I will NOT vote for any representatives or senators in 2024 who don’t support a ceasefire. Over 10,000 Palestinian civilians—half of whom are children—have died at the hands of the Israeli government. The purposeful targeting of Gazan civilians through airstrikes, imposing an illegal siege, cutting off vital resources like food and medicine, bombing of hospitals, and forceful displacement of Gazans must be stopped. By continuing their assault, Israel is only endangering Palestinian civilians and Israeli hostages, and carrying out an ethnic cleansing with U.S. taxpayer dollars. I demand House members sign onto Representative Cori Bush’s resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire. I urge members of the Senate to officially call for a ceasefire and support ceasefire legislation. I will NOT vote for any Senator or Representative in 2024 who refuses to call for a ceasefire.

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