Alito must recuse himself in January 6th cases
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Alito must recuse himself in January 6th cases

To: Justices Court

From: A constituent in Seattle, WA

May 24

Justice Alito's decision to fly an upside-down American flag and the controversial "Appeal to Heaven" flag outside his residences demonstrates a concerning lack of judicial impartiality and ethical judgment. These provocative displays align with partisan ideological viewpoints related to issues that will likely come before the Supreme Court, such as cases involving the January 6th insurrection attempts. By engaging in such overtly political acts, Justice Alito has eroded public trust in the Court's ability to remain impartial and rule solely based on the law and Constitution, rather than personal biases. To preserve the integrity of the nation's highest court and ensure equal justice under the law, Justice Alito must recuse himself from any cases pertaining to the January 6th events to avoid even the appearance of impropriety or prejudgment. The judicial ethics reaffirmed for centuries demand nothing less to maintain the legitimacy of the Court's rulings.

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