An open letter to Rep. Caraveo.
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An Open Letter

To: Rep. Caraveo

From: A verified voter in Thornton, CO

July 1

I am writing to express my deep concern about recent developments in the House of Representatives and the broader political landscape. When the vote for the removal of Speaker Mike Johnson was held, I believed the Democrats should have voted "present" to avoid showing support for Johnson in any way. However, the Democratic caucus chose to vote for him, a decision I find troubling given subsequent events. Since retaining his position, Speaker Johnson has: 1. Embarked on what appears to be a victory lap, prominently showcasing his interpretation of Christian beliefs in a manner that raises concerns about the separation of church and state. 2. Made appearances at former President Trump's trial, which I perceive as an attempt to intimidate the jury and interfere with the judicial process. 3. Allowed his caucus to fabricate additional allegations against President Biden without substantial evidence. 4. Publicly championed the "rule of law" for Trump while simultaneously indicating full support for any retaliatory actions Trump might pursue against his perceived opponents. These actions suggest a concerning pattern of behavior that appears to prioritize partisan interests over the welfare of our democracy. I am deeply troubled by what I perceive as the Democratic Party's inadequate response to these developments. It seems to me that the party is not taking sufficient action to counter the growing influence of extreme right-wing factions, including those associated with the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) and White Christian Nationalist movements. The Democratic Party urgently needs to develop a more robust and proactive strategy to address these challenges. This should include: 1. Clear and consistent messaging that highlights the importance of democratic norms and institutions. 2. Concrete legislative proposals to strengthen safeguards against abuses of power. 3. Increased outreach and engagement with diverse communities to build a broader coalition. 4. A comprehensive plan to address misinformation and extremism. I fear that without immediate and decisive action, it may already be too late to prevent further erosion of our democratic principles. The apparent complacency of the Democratic leadership in the face of these threats is deeply concerning. I urge you, as my representative, to take a more active role in addressing these issues. Please work with your colleagues to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to protect our democratic institutions and values. Our country's future depends on the actions we take now. I look forward to hearing about the specific steps you and the Democratic Party plan to take in response to these pressing concerns

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