Protect nationwide access to contraceptives and reproductive rights
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Protect nationwide access to contraceptives and reproductive rights

To: Sen. McInnis

From: A constituent in Southern Pines, NC

June 5

The United States has a long history of reproductive oppression, including forced childbearing on enslaved women and involuntary sterilization of marginalized groups. Presently, many states are attempting to restrict access to contraceptives by banning public funding and allowing healthcare providers to refuse contraceptive services based on personal beliefs. This threatens the fundamental right to contraception that is central to privacy, health, equality and full societal participation. To safeguard reproductive freedom, Congress must act to protect nationwide access to contraceptives and contraceptive information from government overreach. The constitutional rights upheld in cases like Griswold v. Connecticut and Eisenstadt v. Baird affirm that individuals, not the state, should make personal decisions about family planning. Medical authorities widely recognize contraception as essential healthcare advancing multiple human rights. Obstructing access to birth control services disproportionately harms marginalized communities already facing systemic barriers to reproductive care. Legislation is needed to codify a statutory right for individuals to obtain contraceptives free from coercion, and for healthcare providers to deliver related services without limitations targeting contraception. This would uphold bodily autonomy and the ability to decide one's own life course, while preventing discrimination in accessing basic health services. Robust enforcement mechanisms should hold states and individuals accountable for violating these protections. Preserving contraceptive access is crucial for reproductive justice and equal participation in society.

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