An open letter to Sen. Budd, Sen. Tillis.
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An Open Letter

To: Sen. Budd, Sen. Tillis

From: A verified voter in Mooresville, NC

June 6

So now you regressive Republicans have voted against guaranteeing women the right to access to contraception. What is wrong with you? We do not want to live in Gilead! The Handmaid’s Tale was a cautionary tale, not a guidebook. Americans do not want to go backwards. Stop trying to control women and their bodies. Your actions are anti-American. Stop trying to push your Christo-fascist agenda on us. We do not want Project 2025 to become a reality. If World War II was happening today, Republicans would be on Hitler’s side. I don’t know how you look your children and grandchildren in the eye. They must be so ashamed of you. Do better. #RepublicansHateAmerica #WeWillNotGoBack #TheHandmaid’sTale

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