Oppose SB1125's threat to online freedom and privacy rights
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Oppose SB1125's threat to online freedom and privacy rights

To: Rep. Mathis, Rep. Gutierrez

From: A constituent in Tucson, AZ

May 31

SB1125 imposes overly burdensome age verification requirements on websites publishing any material that could potentially be considered "harmful to minors." This vague standard threatens to severely limit free expression and access to online content. The bill also establishes internet user blacklists controlled by ISPs, raising major privacy concerns over the collection and sharing of user data. Violations carry heavy penalties like damages and attorneys' fees, creating a chilling effect that will lead many sites to restrict or censor content out of legal precaution. SB1125 poses a clear threat to online freedom, privacy rights, and open access to information in Arizona that demands urgent opposition. Internet regulations must strike a balance that protects minors without unduly burdening websites or infringing on constitutional rights to free speech and privacy.

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