Sea lion population controls
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Sea lion population controls

To: Sen. Wilson, Rep. Walsh, Gov. Inslee, Rep. McEntire

From: A constituent in Longview, WA

June 8

Subject: Urgent Action Needed: Controlling Sea Lion Population to Preserve Marine Ecosystems Dear Washington State Lawmakers, I am writing to urge your immediate attention to a critical issue facing our marine ecosystems: the unchecked growth of the sea lion population. As concerned citizens, it is imperative that we address this issue promptly to safeguard the delicate balance of our marine environment. The increasing population of sea lions poses a significant threat to the stability of our marine ecosystems and the conservation of native fish species. While sea lions are an integral part of our coastal ecosystem, their burgeoning numbers have resulted in detrimental consequences, particularly for salmon and steelhead populations. These iconic fish species are essential not only to the health of our rivers and streams but also to the livelihoods of countless communities and industries that depend on them. Evidence suggests that predation by sea lions is a significant factor contributing to the decline of salmon and steelhead populations in the Pacific Northwest. Their voracious appetite, coupled with their ability to decimate entire runs of fish, jeopardizes the survival of these already vulnerable species. Without intervention, the continued proliferation of sea lions could lead to irreversible damage to our marine ecosystems and the collapse of vital fish populations. Therefore, I urge you to take decisive action to implement effective measures for sea lion population control. This may include but is not limited to: Authorizing the humane and responsible management of sea lion populations through targeted culling programs. Supporting research initiatives to better understand the impact of sea lions on fish populations and ecosystem dynamics. Enhancing habitat restoration efforts to mitigate the effects of sea lion predation on endangered fish species. Collaborating with federal agencies, tribal governments, and other stakeholders to develop comprehensive strategies for managing sea lion populations while respecting conservation ethics and animal welfare concerns. Time is of the essence, and decisive action is needed to address this pressing issue. Failure to act now could have far-reaching consequences for the ecological integrity of our marine environments and the sustainability of our fisheries. As elected representatives entrusted with the stewardship of our natural resources, I urge you to prioritize the preservation of our marine ecosystems and the long-term sustainability of our fish populations. Together, we can work towards a solution that ensures the coexistence of sea lions and native fish species while preserving the ecological balance of our coastal waters. Thank you for your attention to this matter, and I look forward to your swift action in addressing the urgent issue of sea lion population control. Sincerely, Garrett Beauregard

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