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To: Sen. Amato, Assembly Member Rumpf, Gov. Murphy, Assembly Member Myhre

From: A constituent in Toms River, NJ

May 14

The priority of governance in New Jersey’s legislature has reached a bottom. Gutting the OPRA measures instituted for fair, equitable and transparent access to your public service work by New Jersey citizens must truly threaten the serving members of today’s legislative body. Momma always said, ‘You are as sick as your secrets ‘ well, it appears your actions towards public accountability became a bit darker. Yet, as a result, we New Jerseyans are now a lot more enlightened. Let’s talk about the new darkness: Do you realize the fuel of unverified acts and facts being thrust in the public sphere by scrupulous media and foreign foes will weaken even the strongest defense of our democratic principles? Are you really that short sighted, or worse blind to these facts? As of today, We know who voted to gut OPRA. We know who supports this malicious intentional action. Gov. Murphy I strongly urge you veto this bill. I suggest to those that supported this measure to quit working to undermine the intelligence and memory of the constituents of New Jerseyans and the sanctity of our constitutional principles and privledges. Now let’s speak to the enlightenment: New Jerseyans see how you operate in Trenton, we know where to find the ballot box and we know how to use our votes. We do know how to fix it.

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