Oppose Bill 4624: Protect Transgender Youth Rights
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Oppose Bill 4624: Protect Transgender Youth Rights

To: Sen. Graham, Sen. Scott

From: A verified voter in Greenville, SC

April 25

Bill 4624, which seeks to restrict access to gender transition procedures for individuals under 18 and limit the use of public funds for such procedures, is currently under consideration. This legislation could potentially harm transgender youth, who may require these procedures as part of their gender affirmation process. It is crucial to protect the rights and well-being of all citizens, including transgender individuals. Therefore, it is requested that you consider voting against this bill. Furthermore, the bill's provision to mandate disclosure of a minor's gender perception to parents or guardians could infringe on their privacy rights. It is essential to balance parental rights with the rights of the child, particularly in sensitive matters such as gender identity.

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