An open letter to Rep. Simmons, Rep. Nance, Gov. Inslee, Sen. Hansen.
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An Open Letter

To: Rep. Simmons, Rep. Nance, Gov. Inslee, Sen. Hansen

From: A constituent in Suquamish, WA

January 15

I want it to be known that I, an American citizen born in Washington State who pays taxes and votes on everything, do NOT support Israel, the genocide of Palestinians, or the assault on Yemen. Every day, I see the people suffering—here in Washington as well as Palestine and Yemen—and no one is coming to their aid. Aid that we could easily afford if we simply let the IRS do its job; collect taxes. We need to eliminate loopholes used by the ultra-wealthy and corporations to not pay their fair share. We need to start having churches pay taxes. Please do anything you can to stop Israel. Save the people, culture, and lands of Palestine. Stand up against the horrific and illegal actions by Israel and our national government. Call the Biden administration and let them know that most Americans do not condone these aggressions. Most Americans do not want our tax moneys given to fund Israel; Americans want healthcare, education, and infrastructure improvements.

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