An open letter to Sen. Tillis, Sen. Budd.
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An Open Letter

To: Sen. Tillis, Sen. Budd

From: A verified voter in Apex, NC

May 26

950 school shootings since SandyHook 2012. Over 2,032 school shootings since 1970 in America. That’s just school shootings - not all the rest of people who have lost their lives in mass shootings in America. This isn’t me against gun ownership. I have enjoyed target practice at the gun range, I have friends who hunt who have delivered us amazing sausages, I and majority of gun owners- have no problems with a well regulated gun ownership. There is no reason for a civilian to have an assault weapon. I’m not allowed a tank or a rocket missile launcher so why would we allow anyone assault high firing weapons ? Every time they have to reload is less chance a child is killed. The only people who don’t want gun regulations is gun manufacturers and NRA. They make money off the blood of the children splattered against the floors. You need a license to drive your car, a test to make sure you are qualified to drive the car, you can’t drive if you have certain medical conditions and you need insurance for every car you have. They have fines and can take away license if you don’t follow the laws. The government and each state demand this of us and they aren’t taking our cars away. Just regulating who can and cannot drive. We want common sense gun control. We know regulations work and also knowing the signs to report. They banned assault weapons and shootings dropped. The law expired and mass shootings tripled! This isn’t a partisan dividing issue. It’s congress not doing their job. No parent should have to worry about their kid being shot or never coming home. Those poor families should not be screaming with grief, their souls ripped apart with death of their small children. We are shown the sweet pictures of the kids who were murdered but horrible fact is they struggle to identify them as their small bodies shot to pieces with the military force of an assault weapon. Would it make a difference to you our congress to do something if we were all shown their poor wee bodies and blood on the floor & walls ? Would it make them do anything if we saw the body of that teacher murdered in the classroom she had daily stood up in, and recited the pledge of allegiance in with all her kids their wee hands on their hearts. No teacher should have to worry about risking their very life at their school. Remember 2020 when we said all teachers were heroes - how quickly we forgot.. It’s not just those killed. More than 300,000 children have witnessed a shooting on their campus at school. Thoughts and prayers won’t bring these innocent children back. How many small coffins can you buy with gun lobby money.

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