Oppose Bad Environmental Bills
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Oppose Bad Environmental Bills

To: Rep. Persons-Mulicka, Sen. Martin

From: A constituent in Fort Myers, FL

February 10

Everyone can agree that we have a beautiful environment in Florida. It is our shared responsibility to protect the environment for quality of life, health, and recreation. With that in mind, I encourage you to vote against the following bills: HB 0087/SB 0632 - Taking Bears: justifying anyone killing bears HB 0433/SB 1492 - Workplace Heat Exposure requirements: does not protect outdoor workers HB 1073/SB 1532 - Enhancement and Mitigation Credits: prioritizes profit over environmental health HB 0665/SB 0812 Expedited Approval Residential Building Permits: pre-emption limiting citizen input HB 0267/SB 0684 - Building Regulations: automatic approvals is dangerous These bills have been determined by scientists and experts at the Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida. I stand opposed to these bills and I hope you do too. There are some bills moving through the legislature that are good for the environment. Here are bills that have been determined by scientists and experts at the Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida as having positive impacts on Florida’s environment: HB 0723/SB 1364 - Everglades Protection Area: establishes DEP and EPA oversight on plans near the Everglades HB 1049/SB 0484 - Flood Disclosure in the Sale of Real Estate Property: transparency on flooded properties HB 0165/SB 0338 - Safe Waterways Act: testing of water by DEP HB 0293/SB 0600 - Hurricane Protections for Homeowners Association: adoption of hurricane protections HB 0047/SB 0104 - Municipal Water and Sewer Utility Rate: caps rates, informs public of changes Thank you for your consideration of these bill. Voters, like me, expect our elected officials to be good stewards of our environment.

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