Vote NO on baseless Mayorkas impeachment!
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Vote NO on baseless Mayorkas impeachment!

To: Rep. Fry

From: A constituent in Florence, SC

February 4

I’m writing to express my opposition to the unprecedented effort to impeach the Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas. There has not been a serious attempt to impeach a Cabinet secretary since 1876, when in that case corruption and bribery were clearly established. I urge you to reject this brazenly political and reckless effort which is baseless, ahistorical, and sets a dangerous precedent while weaponizing dangerous extremist rhetoric.  Constitutional experts across the political spectrum agree that the GOP-led effort to impeach Secretary Mayorkas is “a stark departure from the Constitution” and has failed to produce any evidence of a high crime or misdemeanor that would warrant these proceedings. Worse, the efforts to impeach Secretary Mayorkas have been filled with white nationalist conspiracy theories that not only detract from the legitimate policy discussions Congress should be having, but also threaten the fabric of our democratic institutions. Impeachment is a serious and consequential constitutional process that demands a robust and fact-based foundation. To invoke this process based on dangerous conspiracy theories undermines the integrity of our democracy and risks normalizing baseless accusations as a means to sow violent unrest and achieve political goals. The House has wasted time and taxpayer money throughout most of 2023 investigating President Biden and Secretary Mayorkas and failed to produce a single impeachable offense that comes close to previous, historical standards. Simply put, policy differences do not warrant impeachment. The flagrant abuse of this vital component of democratic checks and balances cannot be legitimized.  I urge you to to disavow this baseless impeachment effort and vote against the impeachment articles brought against Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas. In addressing the challenges our nation faces, it is paramount that we unite against unfounded conspiracy theories and political stunts and prioritize the best interests of the American people. Thanks.

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