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To: Gov. Hobbs

From: A constituent in Prescott, AZ

May 9

Governor Hobbs your recent Executive Budget Summary outlines ESA restrictions and a complete repeal of the Private School Tax Credit Scholarship programs. This would leave Arizona families with limited or no options to pay for their child’s School Choice education. I love and value the ability to designate where my state tax dollars are spent to me a valuable education in a school with Christian views is where I want my money to go. I have been doing this through ACSTO for many years, and it is a wonderful way for my tax dollars to be is the only form of control I am given in regards to my taxes. PLEASE do not do away with this program.! The ESA Scholarships make it possible for kids that can not afford this type of education! Why would you TAKE that from school children! I am urgently ASKING YOU GOVERNOR HOBBS ,AS MY ELECTED GOVERNOR TO PLEASE LEAVE SCHOOL CHOICE PROGRAMS IN PLACE. Thank you for your time. This is a make or break issue for me and many others.

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