Urgent Support Request: Ceasefire in Gaza and Responsible Arms Control in Israel
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Urgent Support Request: Ceasefire in Gaza and Responsible Arms Control in Israel

To: Sen. Sinema, Rep. Crane, Sen. Kelly

From: A constituent in Chinle, AZ

May 29

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to hastily request your support for crucial legislation aimed at promoting peace and justice in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. Specifically, I implore you to advocate for measures that would withhold weapons from Israel and endorse a ceasefire in Gaza. As your constituent, I deeply believe that the United States must take a principled stance in favor of peace and human rights, especially when our involvement can make a significant difference. The current escalation of violence in Gaza has resulted in immense suffering for innocent civilians, highlighting the immediate need for a ceasefire to halt the devastating cycle of bloodshed and pave the way for a lasting resolution to the conflict. Additionally, I ask you to reflect on the historical injustices endured by indigenous peoples, many of whom are your constituents. We remember the plight of our ancestors, including forced displacement and cultural oppression at the hands of the United States government. Native Americans have long memories of these injustices, and this history of dispossession and suffering underscores the importance of advocating for justice and equality, both domestically and internationally. The ongoing conflict in Gaza bears striking parallels to the historical injustices faced by indigenous peoples, such as forced removal from ancestral lands and the suppression of cultural identity. Recognizing these parallels reinforces the urgency of supporting a ceasefire in Gaza and championing the rights of all oppressed peoples worldwide. I am disappointed and concerned over the continued support of military aid to Israel without sufficient accountability for its actions in Gaza. It is essential for our government to prioritize diplomacy and human rights in its foreign policy decisions, rather than perpetuating violence and instability through unchecked military assistance. Furthermore, I would like to remind you of the pivotal role Native American voters played in Arizona’s recent elections. Native voters are strong and powerful; our voices and votes are crucial, and we implore you to take our concerns seriously. Therefore, I ask you to use your influence and authority to support legislation that would withhold weapons from Israel and advocate for a ceasefire in Gaza. Only through concerted diplomatic efforts and a commitment to justice can we hope to achieve a peaceful resolution to the conflict. Thank you for considering my request. I look forward to your prompt response on this grave matter.

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