Please please please do NOT let hb237 pass
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Please please please do NOT let hb237 pass

To: Sen. Adcock, Gov. Cooper, Rep. Dahle

From: A constituent in Raleigh, NC

June 6

I’m writing to you today because of the very terrifying HB237. If this bill should pass, it would be putting me and my family in imminent danger. Nearly all of us are immunocompromised and the the last few years have been horrendous as a whole. Masking has been a main, staple form of protection for us (backed by numerous scientific studies like this NIH one from 2033 ( and this more recent one conducted by clinical microbiologists in 2024 ( Not only does this bill create a vast amount of legal ambiguity and take away our individual rights and liberties to protect our own health, but it enables (and will embolden) “citizen police” to make our lives even harder.  Please, for the love of all that is holy, do not make the last layer of protection we have a political tool or item of debate. Let science prevail, let individual freedoms prevail, and allow my family to not have to leave our homes with MORE concerns than we already have to plan for.  Thank you for your time.

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