Do Not Give Away $5 Million in Public Funds to Donald Trump
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Do Not Give Away $5 Million in Public Funds to Donald Trump

To: Rep. Shoaf, Sen. Simon, Gov. Desantis

From: A constituent in Jasper, FL

January 23

The recent filing of SB 1740, establishing the “Florida Freedom Fighters Fund,” is an inappropriate use of public funds. The fund aims to provide up to $5 million in financial support to Florida residents running for President and is initially funded through the state’s Public Campaign Finance - Matching Funds Program. As per the Florida Division of Elections, this program is intended for candidates running for governor or state cabinet positions. The redirection of these funds to support presidential candidates, particularly those facing legal challenges, seems to deviate from the program’s original purpose. As per the bill’s sponsor, the aim of this legislation is one resident in particular: Donald J. Trump. Senator Ilena Garcia said on the record, “We’re in the midst of an [sic] historic moment where we’re watching an election that’s trying to be stolen by left-wing prosecutors, the Biden administration and even Blue States... They’re not trying to win at the ballot box; they’re trying to keep President Trump off the ballot by weaponizing the courts.” None of this is accurate, as the charges against him came from indictments handed down by four grand juries of regular citizens, but regardless, giving Donald Trump $5 million of public money is theft and an abuse of the public trust. Floridians should not pay for the defense of a former President accused of overturning election results, covering up hush-money payments to a porn star, and mishandling U.S. national security secrets. The fact that this bill was referred to committee is embarrassing. Do not pass it.

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