Hold Israel Accountable
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Hold Israel Accountable

To: Del. McClure, Sen. Ebbin, Gov. Youngkin

From: A constituent in Arlington, VA

June 9

Today, NPR confirmed Israel used a US made bomb in a deadly airstrike. The IDF improperly used American weaponry to target a United Nations SCHOOL. The attack killed 30, including children. This is the most horrific display of blatant disregard for human life we’ve seen in this war. Israel doesn’t care about ending Hamas — it cares about ending Palestinians. This is not a counter terrorism operation. It’s a genocide. To call it anything else is, frankly, racist. Netanyahu called the incident a “tragic mishap.” This is also how he referred to the bombing of WCK convoys. How he labeled the shooting of UN aid trucks. He’s even used the term to describe Israel murdering their own hostages. These are not tragic accidents. They are intentional. They are cold, calculated decisions. At the school, NPR found one body bag contained parts of five children. PARTS. That was all that was left after Israel dropped an American bomb on them. Do you think it sounded like freedom when it fell? You must stand against this atrocity. Make no mistake, all eyes are on Rafah—but they’re also all on YOU. America MUST halt Israel aid. There’s a hundred other more deserving causes stateside. Spending millions to support a genocide spits in the face of every malnourished child in our cities, every American in crippling medical debt, every adult drowning in student loans. These weapons are used inhumanely, and America is complicit in every act. An invasion of Rafah was a “red line,” yet Biden released an aid package worth over a billion. Our consciousness is covered in blood. We’re enabling an atrocity. You must pressure Congress to pass humanitarian aid of equal value and lift the ban on UNRWA. Defunding it was a devastating blow, based solely on unverified Israeli claims. Hamas isn’t the one who hurt over this—it’s the civilians. Additionally pressure Congress to do the following: Revoke H.Res.894. This resolution redefines anti-semitism to include anti-zionism; a massive overstep by Congress. Anti-semitism is abhorrent, and has no place in society. However Anti-zionism is a critique of the Israeli state, and critique of a government cannot be conflated with racism or zealotry—even in states where religion and government overlap. October 2018, the Saudi government assassinated journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Global outrage ensued and despite Saudi Arabia’s theocracy, Congress didn’t declare the outcry Islamophobic, proving they knows the difference and passed H.Res 894 in bad faith. Reaffirm 1st amendment rights—to include the rights of protesters. You’re a spokesman for America. Defend AMERICANS. Pass resolutions to support a Palestinian state. recognize the humanitarian crisis, and back its admittance into the UN. These are the gestures we need. Reflecting on the ICC’s warrant, I’m struck by a legal term: Accomplice. Will America be an accomplice in these crimes, or will we stand for freedom, as we claim?

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