Restore integrity to compromised Supreme Court through resignations
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Restore integrity to compromised Supreme Court through resignations

To: Justices Court

From: A verified voter in Highland Park, IL

June 4

The Supreme Court's recent ethical lapses and perceived partisanship have severely undermined public trust in the institution. While the justices have a lifetime tenure, this does not exempt them from upholding the highest ethical standards befitting their immense authority and responsibility. Revelations about undisclosed lavish gifts and vacations from partisan donors create a clear appearance of impropriety and conflicts of interest that call into question the court's impartiality and legitimacy as a fair arbiter of the law. For the court to begin restoring faith, those justices implicated in ethical breaches should strongly consider resigning to allow for new appointments untainted by these controversies. The American people deserve a Supreme Court whose integrity is unimpeachable.

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