Please use your voice to protect international families and children
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Please use your voice to protect international families and children

To: Sen. Scott

From: A verified voter in Gainesville, FL

May 27

Please please please I urgently ask for you to Do Something to protect the innocent families and children of Palestine currently sheltered in tents in and outside of Rafah. What was designated to be a safe place for populations of people, is now being bombed and horrendous acts of violence are occurring. They have long crossed the red line. It is a travesty that the US has sent so many weapons and money to aid Israel in these acts of terror against Palestinian civilians without any limits on the use of these weapons as they are not using it for defense, they are using it to demolish and erase an entire cultural group. Please take action to protect these families and enable protections of some kind. Israel does not need more US weapons and money to obliterate the Palestinian population. That is what is happening now. Please do something. The world is watching. The voters are watching.

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