An open letter to Sen. Sinema, Rep. Ciscomani, Sen. Kelly.
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An Open Letter

To: Sen. Sinema, Rep. Ciscomani, Sen. Kelly

From: A verified voter in Cochise, AZ

May 31

President Biden's policy towards Israel is making Jewish people unsafe. He pretends that Israel is necessary for the safety of Jewish people but if that were true every Nation would have to be split up by religion. His policy is irrational. All states are political bodies that are comprised of multiple religions. Israel should be no different. Jewish people should not be told they need to go wall themselves in, in Israel, to be safe! Instead Biden is making Jewish people unsafe by telling them they're not safe. All religions should be able to live together peacefully. Biden is telling them that war is the only way! Israel is not currently rational. Biden's acceptance of Israel's policies is not rational. Those policies are destructive to Israel and its neighbors and to the US interest in the region. If you want war, war is what you're going to get if you continue to support Israel without question. The current Israeli policy is expansionism at any cost. THE UNITED STATES IS PAYING THE COST OF ISRAEL'S DOMINATION FANTASY. The only way you can influence Israel is to stop providing the funds that gives Israel the hubris to think that it can continue in it's self-destructive policies.

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