Support Legislation for Comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessments
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Support Legislation for Comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessments

To: Gov. Cox, Sen. Harper, Rep. Dunnigan

From: A verified voter in West Jordan, UT

February 22

The recent revocation of the special use permit for the Uinta Basin Railway project, designed to transport 4.6 billion gallons of crude oil annually along the Colorado River, is a significant step towards safeguarding our environment. This decision, influenced by a federal circuit court's ruling, highlights the need for comprehensive risk assessment in project approvals. It is crucial to ensure that future projects prioritize environmental safety over market access for oil and gas producers. Therefore, it is requested that you support legislation that mandates thorough environmental impact assessments for similar projects, thereby preventing potential disasters like train derailments near sensitive ecosystems. This approach will not only protect our natural resources but also promote sustainable development.

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