An open letter to Sen. Kelly, Sen. Sinema.
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An Open Letter

To: Sen. Kelly, Sen. Sinema

From: A verified voter in Cochise, AZ

July 4

It is now clear that Biden is not responsive to public opinion. He has surrounded himself with protective advisors that are afraid to tell him what he does not want to hear. That is the reason that Israel can commit genocide without any reaction from Biden. There is no reason to believe that he actually knows what's happening in Israel. For that reason we must have a replacement to run for president. We cannot have 4 years of mismanagement because the Democratic party refuses to face the facts that Biden is past his prime and is incapable of reacting to current events. The quicker you make the change the more likely it is that the new candidate will succeed in November. The Democratic party is dragging their feet leaving the state of our democracy in question. We need decisive action. We need it now. We must have new candidates selected at the Democratic convention. It is time to give the people a say in who represents us. In spite of the fact that the Democratic party prefers to rule. The irony is not lost on American voters. We know you do not want to give us a choice. You want us to be so outraged about Trump that we would vote for a pail of water. But it does not work that way. It would be so easy to give us a dynamic healthy candidate that can talk back to Trump and give Americans confidence again. The quicker the better.

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