You Are Harming Americans
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You Are Harming Americans

To: Sen. Budd, Rep. Jackson, Sen. Tillis

From: A verified voter in Charlotte, NC

May 1

Alright, we are past the tipping point. At this point in time, if you are voting in favor of weapons for Israel, if you are not calling for a complete ceasefire, if you are not calling for a reevaluation of arms shipments to Israel, if you are not doing the BARE MINIMUM to end this conflict, you are the villain. You are not just a villain. Israel is under investigation by the ICC and you are interfering. If you are interfering with the ICC, you are a Nazi. Period. Your violent rhetoric and actions have damned tens of thousands in Gaza to a life in hell or a miserable death. You have also damned innocent, compassionate, model college students to violent police beatings by your fascist police state. Now's the time to change your mind, if you have any heart. I'm always amazed by what you people are willing to do for a few ten thousand dollars from a lobbyist. You are making this country and the planet unsafe. You are going to drag us into a larger war. You are going to harm Americans, and you already are. Quit listening to your lobbyists and go VISIT one of these protests. Or better yet, VISIT GAZA. NOT ISRAEL, visit GAZA. You scumbags love to hide behind a veil of propaganda; try seeing reality for once.

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