An open letter to Rep. Foushee, Sen. Budd, Sen. Tillis.
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An Open Letter

To: Rep. Foushee, Sen. Budd, Sen. Tillis

From: A verified voter in Durham, NC

July 3

President Biden's determination to run for re-election demonstrates his unwavering commitment to protecting American democracy. Despite facing immense pressure and criticism, he remains steadfast in his decision, acknowledging the crucial need for experienced leadership during these tumultuous times. By seeking another term, Biden aims to safeguard the foundational principles of our nation and prevent any erosion of democratic institutions. His continued presence in the Oval Office ensures a steady hand at the helm, guiding the country through challenges both domestic and global. It is imperative that we rally behind a leader who prioritizes the preservation of our democratic values and the well-being of all citizens. Voting for Biden's re-election is a vote for stability, progress, and the enduring strength of our democratic process.

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