An open letter to Sen. Budd, Rep. Foushee, Sen. Tillis.
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An Open Letter

To: Sen. Budd, Rep. Foushee, Sen. Tillis

From: A constituent in Durham, NC

May 14

It is deeply concerning that Speaker Johnson is aligning so closely with former President Trump and the extremist wing of the Republican party. Offering a prominent role to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has promoted dangerous conspiracy theories and opposed critical aid for Ukraine, represents a disturbing embrace of fringe elements over responsible governance. Additionally, the planned "election integrity" event with Trump threatens to further undermine faith in our electoral process based on the former president's debunked claims of widespread voter fraud. Rather than pandering to Trump's hardline base, the Speaker should be focused on unifying the Republican caucus around a substantive policy agenda that serves all Americans. Doubling down on election denialism and siding with radical voices will only deepen partisan divisions and distract from the real issues facing our nation. It is imperative that democratic norms and truthful information take precedence over political opportunism. I urge Speaker Johnson to reconsider this reckless course and work to restore civility, facts and mainstream conservative principles to the House Republican leadership.

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