You have sealed your fate
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You have sealed your fate

To: Justices Court

From: A constituent in Lansing, MI

July 3

Do you know what you’ve done? Do you know how you will be remembered? Do you know what is going to happen to you if Trump wins? Do you know what’s going to happen to you if Trump loses? Do you understand the ramifications of your treason? Do you understand the people aren’t going to stand for your tyranny and lawlessness. Do you understand how many people will be standing up to your corrupt decisions. Do you understand that your time is limited? Do you understood that life can change on a dime? Do you understand you are putting democracy at risk? Do you understand Trump is a fascist? Do you understand that you support fascism? Do you understand people are going to fight for democracy? Do you understood you hand sealed your fate? Do you understand people won’t take this lying down? Do you understand republican Jan 6th 2021 won’t even come close to Jan 6th 2025? Do you understand a bunch of maga clowns with sticks will pale in comparison to real intelligent patriots that will organize to defend democracy and fight fascism like WW2? Do you understand the damage you have done? Do you understand? Erase Clear Start over

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