Restore presidential criminal accountability, uphold democratic ideals
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Restore presidential criminal accountability, uphold democratic ideals

To: Gov. Parson, Rep. Richey, Sen. Arthur

From: A constituent in Kansas City, MO

July 3

The Supreme Court's recent ruling granting former presidents expansive immunity from criminal prosecution for official acts is deeply concerning for the integrity of our democratic system. By shielding presidents from accountability for potential abuses of power, the Court has placed the nation's highest office above the law that applies to all other citizens. This undermines the fundamental principle of equal justice under the law. While the intent may be to allow presidents to act boldly without fear of politically motivated prosecutions, the decision opens a dangerous path towards a system where presidents can act with impunity. The specter of a president committing serious crimes like bribery, obstruction of justice, or even organizing a military coup to hold onto power, all while enjoying absolute immunity, is an unacceptable erosion of the checks and balances vital to our constitutional republic. To safeguard our democracy and the rule of law, a constitutional amendment is urgently needed to reestablish criminal accountability for presidents, both current and former. No person, regardless of position, should be above the law in a nation founded on democratic principles of justice and equality before the law. Unchecked presidential power poses grave risks to freedom and self-governance. The American people deserve reassurance that their leaders are truly servants of the public interest, not monarchs cloaked in systemic impunity. A constitutional fix is crucial to ensure the Office of the President remains one of public trust and fidelity to the nation's highest ideals of liberty and justice for all. Our democracy's future hinges on restoring this foundational precept.

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