Thank you. For this ending of the gop.
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Thank you. For this ending of the gop.

To: Sen. Scott, Rep. Timmons, Sen. Graham

From: A constituent in Travelers Rest, SC

May 4

You couldn't be losing any harder if you tried. Trump may be calling for more violence when he loses again. But you should be prepared. Cause you will be losing again. As Taylor Greene divides your house. As Comer makes you look like fools. As Trump sucks your funds dry in the RNC. byw did you see that cannabis is now a sched 3 ? That was an easy win. You refused it. To side with unpopular evangelical dying Dinos. You had so many opportunities to do what was right. Instead you tried to sell us all down the river for your own gain. Not only will you never see power in the white house again.. you will lose your seats coming up. Even without Greene doing it for you. Americans are awake to your transparent nonsense sirs. This is the the republican party our fathers started. Shame on you all. It's NOT the party of any platform anymore. It's just a dying cult. And you all are responsible for that. If democrats do take power in the future of this nation. Which they will.. It's Because YOU sors..made it so Sirs* And for that we thank you. Even if there's only one party in America. At least they have some decency left. To not sell out too a traitorous porn star buying NY city conman Before this is over. Your short term gain. Will be America's long term gain. Roe, cannabis, min wage, infrastructure, boarder... all of it. Let it be a lesson you didn't learn from reading that Bible of yours. Reaping what one has sowed. Your "legacy" is that which killed the very party you turned your back on America for. Maybe there is a God afterall. Enjoy after all. Indictments and the new American government your about to be a part in making. coming again next. 😉 Enjoy it all. We will. Here's to 4 more years.. and Bernie will be

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